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Biblionasium is a COPPA compliant social book club for children ages 6-13, and their educators and parents, to promote and support independent reading for young

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2Simple Purple Mash, designed for children aged 3-11, offers tools for coding, animation, publishing, art and also applications for math, spelling and grammar, e-books and

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Actively Learn

Actively Learn This web-based reading platform aims to help students read deeply and think critically, offering thousands of texts and instructional aids in ELA, Science,

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Bunk History

Bunk History Digital archive of a variety of media produced about current events, public history and government. Bunk shows connection both spatially and across historic

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CMU CS Academy

CMU CS Academy Provides a free, online, interactive textbook for high school and middle school teachers to use to teach computer science in their classrooms.

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Curriki offers digital learning content—curriculum, lessons and on-demand content —that is free, open, and accessible to all.

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Epic is providing elementary educators and librarians the ability to offer students remote access to its reading platform for free until Jun. 30, 2020, with

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Formative enables teachers to build their own assessments and assignments, or pull and customize “formatives” from its library of thousands of pre-made materials. Educators can

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Geopolaris Human Geography: A World of Interactions geography textbook and related assignments are available for teachers to help get them through the next couple weeks.

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