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Answer Garden

AnswerGarden Educational resource for online polling, educators can use this real-time tool to see student feedback on questions

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ClassMaster digitizes existing paper or computer-based teaching resources. Marking and scoring are automatic and pupils performance can be tracked over time. Free access to all

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Elementari will be streamlining the process for teachers (and parents) with up to 90 students to gain access to the entire Elementari platform at no

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EverFi is a no-cost digital resources cover topics such as social emotional learning, STEM, financial literacy, career readiness, and health & wellness. Its standards-aligned resources

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For All Rubrics

ForAllRubrics a free software designed for teachers to complete standard based reports , view class performance, print student assignments. Allows a collection of data offline,

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Hapara lets you view, organize and monitor digital learning. We are a premier partner of Google for Education.

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NoRedInk is a free online curriculum that includes diagnostic tools and assessments, targeted skills practice, a writing platform that guides students through the drafting and

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Peergrade For the next 4 months, the company offers free use of all features in Peergrade.We generate full reports for all students in your course

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