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Resources for every class. 

Creative Arts

Online Resources for creative projects. Acting exercises, Music tools, Visual tools & more.

Foreign Languages

Tools for learning every language at any age. Exercises, lesson plans, and learning games too!


Reading and writing tools. Spelling exercises, interactive games, writing activities and more.

Global Studies

Historical resources, textbooks libraries, Social Studies lesson plans and more.

Health & Fitness

Stay healthy and fit even if you're stuck inside. Learn more about the COVID-19 virus and how to stay safe.


Tools, Lesson Plans and more in subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Multi Media Learning

Keep it interesting with a variety of learning media. Videos, applications, and virtual lessons.


Always have a reference. From online library resources to magazine catalogues and more.

Learning Games

Need a break from the books? Plenty of games to keep your attention and your brain working.

Keep in Contact

Virtual classrooms have allowed for long distance learning. Students can learn at their own pace while learning time management. V.C’s create opportunity for worldwide exposure and collaboration.

Have what you need

Improve comprehension and reading skills, while alleviating anxiety and boredom by presenting information in new and exciting ways.

Stay informed

We Thought about Parents too.

Parent Resources

Young Learners

Learning begins on day 1. Here's some tools for Early Childhood development and preschool.

Special Needs

Tools created specifically for the situation. Help in many shapes and sizes.

Internet & Phone

Companies around the country are lending their tools to the public. Deals and free tools are available.

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