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Have The support in your time of need

During these uncertain times, we know that many of you feel
like you’re back in school alongside your children. While we value our teachers and students, we value our parents especially. We understand that some families don’t have computer equipment, we realized the difficulty in finding appropriate learning materials, and we heard how concerned you were with your child’s education becoming compromised.

Lucille’s is pleased to provide the resources for your child to learn. We know this time can be overwhelming, and we value your children’s educational future.

We have everything here to support your children’s educational journey.

Allow us to help with over 400 free resources for all ages.

Resources to share documents, host web conferencing, and provide a platform for educators
and students to meet a common goal.

Resources to assist in communication to make remote learning effortless.

be prepared for the classroom

Parents can be the greatest teachers.

Parents have always been their children’s superheroes. As your child’s first teacher, parents and guardians,
yet again, find themselves searching for comprehensive learning plans to ensure their children’s futures despite what life throws at us. Your children emulate what you do, and hang on to your every word, and in many ways aspire to be like you. Every child deserves access.

Find what you need.

Top Choices for Parents

Parents have meticulously nominated these resources as some of the best to use right now.

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